About Us

At Beacon Appraisal Group, we offer a professional service in real property valuations in the Central Oregon area. Our experienced appraisers sort through all of the information and statistics to develop a non-biased opinion that accurately reflects your properties’ value and position in the market.  Our office is dedicated to ensure our clients receive thorough analyses that meets or exceeds industry standard and USPAP regulations.

Our team of professionals and administrative staff share a commitment to go the extra mile to deliver results.  This means providing consistent, reliable valuation products in a cost effective manner and always meeting client deadlines.  To ensure this vision, Beacon Appraisal Group maintains a policy of an in-house quality control, processing and external review process when needed.

Beacon Appraisal Group is a team of commercial and residential appraisers working collectively under the Beacon umbrella, but at the same time operating independently. Because of this business structure, the operating costs are lower and the savings are passed on to our clients.